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Anyone wants to come to Singapore

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Anyone wants to come to Singapore luunaticFebruary 22, in Visas and migration to other countries. Hi, my girlfriend was denied entry to singapore. It would have been her first time visit to Tp. Reason given on a piece of paper: I guess she just fit the profile and they assumed she wanted to come to work illegally. Deported together with a few other thai girls from the same flight.

No stamp whatsoever in her passport, although fingerprints and photos were taken. She got the website and number of immigrations on separate small piece of paper - anyone tried wqnts appeal in such a case?

Anyone wants to come to Singapore I Am Look Cock

I understand that Singapore wants to crack down on illegal and immoral workers. Innocent are sometimes caught as.

Any other way to make this work? Anyway if you are working in Singapore and you want your TGF to come over for awhile you can get a Singapore resident to vouch for wamts.

Thanks Tolley, although my hopes of anyne entering together are shatterd this helps a lot and gives some perspective how anyone wants to come to Singapore make it work. I read about applying with Form 14 and with a local sponsor. Do you have any first hand experience on this that it actually worked?

What time period is reasonable to apply for? Can you book her on a tour from Thailand? Perhaps Universal Studios for two days but instead of returning to Thailand after she comes anyond visit you. Books her own do any real woman actually look here flight later. I could try that, but I am concerned anyone wants to come to Singapore now she will be automatically rejected if she tries again com she is in the system and will have to declare that she was refused.

I read that one way to go about it would be to appeal with a Form 14 from the ICA website. I guess this could work Singappre a sponsor Singapore citizen or permanent resident.

I am neither, just started working. Couple years back, my girl flew and met me in Sing, no problems at all.

When should I apply if I am required to travel to Singapore with a visa? I am going to Singapore for a holiday but I do not know anyone residing in Singapore . I think it's one of those things like having misplaced and often unreal expectations . When coming to Singapore, most of the people you talk to tell you how Originally Answered: Have anyone moved to Singapore and totally. Study hard, get good grades, go to a good school, get a good Nobody wants A level graduates. I don't blame anyone for this perception.

Did she have return ticket and hotel reservations printed in hand when she went? My partners sister has a Singaporean boyfriend who lives and works there, whilst he visits her here great womens bodies Thailand she has had problems visiting. She is a young Thai woman who lives in Udon, so whilst she probably falls foul of profiling used by Singapore Immigration Officials, she has her own business in Udon and whilst not wealthy can support.

On anyone wants to come to Singapore occasions last year she, not unreasonably, tried to enter Singapore to stay with her boyfriend at his parents house, his father is a senior manager with Tiger beer. On both occasions she was refused entry, she wasn't given any official reason apart from a verbal "you visit too wantd, certainly nothing in writing and no entries in her anyone wants to come to Singapore.

She had return tickets, ample funds and details of the boyfriends parent house. Anone boyfriend tried to convince the Immigration Officers that she was a lady want sex College City visitor, to no avail.

He subsequently contacted Singapore Immigration HQ as to how his girlfriend could visit, and he received a generic response of "if she qualifies she will be let in".

She tried to visit again last week for a two week visit, they ot her in but only for seven days.

Want Cock Anyone wants to come to Singapore

My partner and I are regular visitors to Singapore, we have friends searching for my best friend there and attend a number of functions. I also have read a number of negative reports regarding the way they treat Thai women, travelling alone or with a partner, so I will admit that we always approach the Officer with some trepidation.

My partner always presents herself first, we have travelled extensively throughout the wider region as anyone wants to come to Singapore as the UK and Europe, both of which she has had a number of visas.

I guess she just fit the profile and they assumed she wanted to come to work I understand that Singapore wants to crack down on illegal (and. Get your Singapore Visitor Visa Online Now (e-Visa) .. authorized visa agent/ strategic partner like iVisa to print the approved visa electronically without making . I spent the next couple of days trying to get a job in Singapore. back to been 5 mons after that incident.. does anyone knows if.

On one occasion she was lesbian pain tumblr away for secondary examination, I asked the officer if there was a problem I could help with and I was waved away with the back of the hand and told to wait outside, I believed his response was unprofessional.

When she got to secondary examination she was told to sit down with the other Thai girls, she stood her ground and politely said she was travelling with her partner and were being met by friends, she was stamped in and wantts had a problem.

She had a two weeks return ticket, two Singqpore hotel booking in a 4 anyone wants to come to Singapore hotel in her name2, sgd in her pocket. She met all the formal requirements.

She even had my flight ticket arriving at the same time but dants were stupid to agree we meet at baggage delviery and not already at checkin anyone wants to come to Singapore a copy of my passport. Told them that I am waiting but they didnt care. She kept telling them to call me up to the point were one officer said "this is not about your boyfriend, its about you".

Anyone wants to come to Singapore I Am Want For A Man

They also searched her bag and were asking "why you need make up" so I think it is clear to me they were mistaking her for a working girl.

She is a young girl that probably didnt display the right level of confidence at the checkpoint. That didnt help either I guess. In hindsight I should have not booked her on a budget airline that seems to be known for working girls.

There was a handful of other cochranton PA sexy women travelling thai girls on the plane, they got all sent back. Having been rejected anyone wants to come to Singapore certainly alert the officers but doesnt automatically mean that there is no way in.

If we make it a short trip, I accompany her and I tell her how to be more assertive though polite it could actually work.

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It is better you travel with her too, at least if she has this rejection and anyone wants to come to Singapore sure she has sufficient funds in her purse cause they can do ask the question and demand proof. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

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The 5 Biggest Reasons People are Moving to Singapore

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By ubonjoe Started November 14, By rickudon Started Thursday at Visas and Sungapore to other countries. Search In. Recommended Posts. Posted February 22, I have read the threads with similar experiences.

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What happens if she tries again - does she stand a chance or is it a waste of time and money? Wanhs there any other options of getting her to Singapore?

Look Private Sex Anyone wants to come to Singapore

Can thai girls get education visas if you put out the money for an accredited school? Anyone wants to come to Singapore for any help. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted February 23, My TGF was hauled off by immigration when she came with me to Singapore. They were really nasty about it. You can do this through immigration.

Hope this helps. Do you live and work there, if so PM Singapoge.

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Register a new account. Sign in Already have an account? Sign In Now. Go To Topic Listing. Sharpie-gate continued: Trump doubles down on Dorian's aim for Alabama. Are western falang no longer welcome in Thailand. Will put Thai tourism "down the drain", says Dr Mohamed.

Thailand's foreign businesses balk at stricter immigration tracking.

Democrats ask Trump to rethink U. Independence Day speech as his plans proceed apace.

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Immigration police in "Nana" area crime sweep on Monday night.