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Cholos gay grew up in in Denver, Colorado, and at age 21 moved to L. These kids were out there on their. They were getting beaten up, but they were inspiring to me.

Deadlee, whose given name is Joseph Thomas Lee, is known for lyrics that tackle subjects cholos gay as race, class, sexuality and police brutality.

Although Deadlee dresses like a cholo — khahki pants, sleeveless tank top, flannel shirt, cholos gay and lots of tats, he has never been affiliated with a gang. His name was Goo, and he was a mentor to me.

And we came up with my first album '7 Deadlee Sins,' dirty online sex it was my cholos gay authentic.

He says he was told his music is too hard core — a combination of rap, thrasher rock and in-your-face songs that take on violence, race, sexuality and cjolos profiling.

Five years ago, Deadlee started taking up acting. Beads, Music, Parades!

cholos gay Latin Grammys Celebrities shine at the red carpet. Mass wedding in Puerto Rico celebrates gay marriage.

Men compete for Miss Gay crown in pageant-obsessed Venezuela. Rebekah Sager is a writer chholos editor cholos gay FoxNews. She can be reached at rebekah.