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Looking for a girl to spend some time out doors with

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By Adam Vaughan. Spending just 2 hours a week in green spaces such as parks, woodlands and fields has been linked with people feeling healthier and happier.

The health benefits of being out in nature have been well-documented and will seem common sense to many of us, but until now no one has quantified exactly how much time might be beneficial. The magic number emerged from analysis of a fot of 20, people in Englandchat gay miami reported how long they spent in natural environments in the past week, plus their health and well-being.

While individuals who spent less spfnd 2 hours in nature were no more likely to report good health or well-being ouut those who spent no time there at all, those who spent more than 2 hours had consistently higher health and well-being levels. Moreover, the threshold is within reach for most people: After 2 hours, the health benefits of being out in nature seem to give diminishing returns, with a cut-off after 5 hours.

White says that could be explained by many of that group being dog walkers who are out in nature with little choice in the matter. The team controlled for the fact that uot health benefits might be a byproduct of physical activity, not contact with nature. Wit magnitude of health gains of 2 hours spent in nature appear to be significant, on a par with the health differences associated between living in a well-off area best dating Astor Florida a deprived one.

They also seem to apply to everyone, regardless of age, gender, long term illness or disability. Initial findings from an Wit Union project due to be published later this year suggests 2 hours is not just the magic number for the English, says White, but all Europeans.

Journal reference: Scientific ReportsDOI: By Adam Vaughan Getty. Trending Latest Video Free.