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Mature wife Dresden fantasy

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I like urban fantasy. I like to read urban fantasy novels. Even when they have strong female characters.

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Mature wife Dresden fantasy when they star strong female characters. Even when as I believe was the case when last I checked, though I have not checked recently women are the primary audience for urban fantasy novels. For Drewden uninitiated: Jim Butcher and Patricia Briggs are two of the massage indian trail names in urban fantasy right now, and Mercy Thompson and Dresden Files are their most popular titles.

A Couple of “Oh No” Moments in Urban Fantasy | The Sketchy Feminist

I like both series. So, rather than being wkfe good reviewer and starting at the beginning, I am skipping most of the early stuff to focus this post on one scene from the third mature wife Dresden fantasy of the Mercy Thompson novels, Iron Kissedand one scene from the eighth book yes I said eighth of the Dresden Files, Proven Guilty.

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The Dresden Files is a very fun, very pulpy series about Harry Dresden, a professional wizard-for-hire. Harry solves a bunch of supernatural mysteries with the help of a cast mature wife Dresden fantasy loveable and quirky characters.

I just cannot get fully behind Harry Dresden.

Or sometimes dating people with depression women. Which is maybe a deliberate. Benefit of the doubt: By the end of Proven Guilty mayure, Harry has rescued one of those damsels he likes to protect.

Props to Harry for. My problem is not with the rescuing. Molly has been dabbling in forces beyond her control, which leads to mature wife Dresden fantasy causing serious harm and mature wife Dresden fantasy herself in trouble with the Powers That Be in the magical community.

This basically means that she has to agree to be absolutely obedient to him for her own protection, and the protection of those around.

There is, however, a lot of fairly detailed description of her looks, her piercings, her tattoos, and other things about her naked body that tempt Harry. So far, so mature wife Dresden fantasy straight male worshipful groupie wish-fulfillment stuff.

Well, not quite.

Mature wife Dresden fantasy

But then comes the way Harry mature wife Dresden fantasy rejecting. Now, Molly has just slipped off her robe, so she is naked, keep in mind:. I touched her face with the fingers of my right hand.

But that stopped once I picked up the pitcher fantazy ice water from the mantel and dumped it over her head.

Mature wife Dresden fantasy

She let out a squeal and fell over backward. It took her maybe ten seconds to recover from the shock of the cold, and by then she was gasping and shivering, her eyes wide with surprise and confusion—and with some kind matre deep, heavy pain.

Mature wife Dresden fantasy am uncomfortable.

Are you uncomfortable? Temperature play is a thing for a reason. Molly has been through a lot of trauma by this point in the mature wife Dresden fantasy, and she has just come out of a situation where she was in fear for her scarsdale massage. Is clearly a laugh line.

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Where I would prefer for there to be no laugh line. Like, with words.

even before I met Harry Dresden and learned how scary the world really is. Lamar had I was a mature, nerdy, Jewish medical examiner, not some kind of. Wizard Harry Dresden is the king of urban fantasy, and The Dresden Files are the gold standard for the gene. It's one of the most well-known. This looks fantastic, and hey, he wears the hat in the cover art for the books, so even though it's not in the text it kind of works anyway.

Harry then takes his young charge back to live with her parents. As a surprise! Especially where [her] mom is concerned. Is there any way mature wife Dresden fantasy someone to follow that order to the letter without a massive abnegation of their personality?

Like, even if they fqntasy already loving and considerate and respectful, trying to be the most of all of those things in the world would probably require a complete overhaul of mature wife Dresden fantasy and behavior.

What kinds of outlets is ticking-time-bomb-magic-user-in-training Molly going to have for all that pent-up teenage frustration? Her sex stories with milf turned pink and she hid her face in her hands. Sex makes things complicated, and for you that could be bad.

Mature wife Dresden fantasy

At all. I find this aife creepy. And really, this seems like a flawed plan. And what an asshat! After being given absolute control over a young girl, one of the very first things he does is dictate what she can and cannot do with her own vagina. But mostly werewolves.

Mercedes matjre is a pretty cool character though she does mature wife Dresden fantasy escape the Exceptional Woman tropeand the books are great fun threesom stories read.

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A lot of the books revolve around werewolf pack dynamics, and werewolf pack dynamics are pretty brutal to women. This means that a lot of the problematic mature wife Dresden fantasy politics of this universe are actually integral to the plot, and Mercy has to do a lot of navigating of deeply-ingrained werewolf sexism just to get by.

Which is maybe deliberate. Maybe the werewolves are functioning within some kind of domestic abuse allegory. Adam the romantic lead.

Jim Butcher | The Online Site For Everything Jim

Adam the mature wife Dresden fantasy father. Adam, who appreciates Mercy and defies wolf convention by hooking up with a mature wife Dresden fantasy. Adam, who seems genuinely well-meaning. Adam, the guy the books want you to love.

It comes across like charming bickering: Adam is also the guy who decides that Mercy is his mate long before Mercy agrees to be his mate, which, while conferring some protection on her within his community, is still a possessive, controlling and not OK thing to. This telepathic link would make Adam better able fantas compel Mercy to be obedient to.

So, in Iron KissedMercy is assaulted by Tim, a guy who mind controls her with fairy magic.

Tim also uses this compulsion to try mature wife Dresden fantasy get Mature wife Dresden fantasy to commit suicide. Mercy, perhaps due in part to her coyote shifter nature, has some Drdsden to native american nude women drug.

It still works on her and makes her believe terrible things, but she is able to fight it to some extent, and she eventually kills her attacker, right before Adam and his crew show up. This is seriously matkre of the book: And now you suggest I do the same?

Bring her to me with magic that she cannot resist? Good for you, Adam.

Mature wife Dresden fantasy I Search Men

Before compelling her to drink, though, he compels her not to worry; after compelling her to drink, he compels her to sleep. He apologizes for it later mature wife Dresden fantasy Later, Mercy is cringing in which are the best free dating sites and submission due to the magically-augmented guilt she feels in the aftermath of her rape.

And then a lot of fairly important things get said about rape mature wife Dresden fantasy trauma, and Adam manages not to victim-blame his traumatized girlfriend who mature wife Dresden fantasy in the room with them and listening to their conversation.

He dropped down beside the bed as if he were too tired to stand. With the same suddenness, though I thought I was more than adequately hidden, he reached out and grabbed me by the scruff of the neck and pulled me out from under the bed and onto his lap. Um … that seems like it might be a boundary-crossing thing to do to a rape survivor who is hiding from you.

He continued mature wife Dresden fantasy hold me by the scruff of the neck with one mature wife Dresden fantasy, but the other caressed my face. I am mad at you. Wifr, way to victim blame. He bit Dresfen nose once, hard. Wolves do that to discipline their young—or misbehaving members of the pack. Then he tipped his head so it rested on mine and sighed. Keep in mind that he is saying all this stuff while she still has the magic fairy compulsion drug in her.

And then Adam—who is totally waiting for that talk until the fairy stuff has worn off—keeps going:. Nickerson Nebraska sluts wifes you knew you were in trouble, you came to me.

That makes twice, Mercy, and twice is almost as good as maature declaration. You are mine. His hands, which had been moving in circles in my fur, stopped and took a good hold. If mature wife Dresden fantasy do, I will find you and bring you.

Every time you run, Mercy. If you can fight that cursed fairy drink, you can certainly overcome matufe advantage being an Alpha gives me if you really want to.

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No more excuses, Mercy. You are mine, and I am keeping you. And he Drescen saying all of this to Matute, who is still drugged and still mature wife Dresden fantasy shock from her rape—which did I mention just happened? And this moment? Maybe there are so many dickish alpha-male types in the Mercy Thompson series mature wife Dresden fantasy so Adam will seem like a marginally better romantic option by comparison.

For this post, I just wanted to point to a couple of problematic moments in two series that I usually manage to enjoy in spite of their problems.