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My sister fingered my ass

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I heard the front my sister fingered my ass open and a moment later someone coming up the stairs. I looked at the clock on my nightstand. It was sss a little past ten, so I wondered why my sister Michelle was home so early.

A moment late there was a knock at my door.

The door opened and Michelle stood. I smiled. I thought she looked a little nervous. My sister fingered my ass not amateur porn Morrisville home. This wasn't like Melissa; when she had something to say, she said it. Have you? She looked down at her hands and then back at me. He was, uh, playing with me, and I shifted and his finger kind fingerred went in my butt.

Rick did too, he said it was an accident, that he didn't mean to do it. But it kinda ruined the night and he drove me home. I liked it. It was a surprise at first, but I liked it.

I mean, you shouldn't be putting stuff in there, right? She liked when I did. She said she got off better that way.

Wanting Horny People My sister fingered my ass

Man, she was a wild one. I'm not a freak? Butt eister is pretty common. Don't you ever watch porn? Alright, I got an early class tomorrow and a paper due, so She was wearing a somewhat tight pair of jeans, and although it was on the small side, it was nice. I averted my gaze just in time as he turned and smiled before closing the door behind.

I shook my head naughty wants real sex San Francisco I dug back into my book. Surprisingly, thinking about my sister doing sexual things didn't gross me. In fact, it actually seemed to turn me on my sister fingered my ass little. I shook it my sister fingered my ass and continued reading.

The next night was Friday and I came home late after hanging out with some friends at a bar. Not to make too much noise, I went around the back fingerev house. I was my sister fingered my ass about to put my key in the lock, when I looked inside and stopped dead. In the living room, my sister -- I could just see her the back of her head on the couch -- was watching a porn video. It was actually my porn video. How had she found that, I wondered. I fingeref know what to.

I stood there for a my sister fingered my ass but then shook my head.

After the conversation we'd had the day before, this shouldn't be a big deal. I made more noise than I needed to, and by the time I got inside, Melissa had turned off the movie. She seemed flushed and her clothes were disheveled.

Some kind of nature show about insects was on. You coulda asked. I haven't watched that one in a. Wait, why are here watching porn, anyway? Weren't you supposed to be out with Rick? He said it was gross.

My sister fingered my ass

Hey, you wanna smoke some pot? Jenny just gave me. After the first joint I my sister fingered my ass we started drinking wine. Then there was another joint. Somebody put the porn video back on somewhere around the third joint. A sound woke me up, and when Siater looked around, it was still dark outside. My head was in a fog. Milf fucked by friend looked at the bowl on the coffee table that we had used as an ashtray.

Jesus, how much had we smoked?

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The sound was coming from the TV. The bad music that played over the opening of the porn DVD was playing and I reached for tantric massage in leeds remote that was sitting on the arm of the couch and shut it off. That's when I realized my sister was laying on me. I had fallen asleep more or less sitting up and she was my sister fingered my ass face down on me.

I started to try to move her, and get to my room, but something caught my sister fingered my ass attention. Melissa's ass was right in my lap. In addition to making me sleepy and hungry, pot always made me horny, and this ass in front of me, never mind that it belonged to my sister, was starting to make me hard. I looked at it for a billings montana crazy lady or two, and then, lifted up her skirt, just to my sister fingered my ass -- I told myself -- what kind of panties she was wearing.

I lifted it slowly, and for several inches just saw ass. Thinking she was wearing a thong, I lifted it higher. But when I got to her waist, I realized, she wasn't wearing. Then the memory of coming home came. My sister had been watching porn and playing with herself without any underwear on.

My dick was now almost completely hard. I was about to put her my sister fingered my ass back, when I though, what the hell, I've gone this far. Why not see what all sex erotik fuss was about? I my sister fingered my ass at her face; most of her blonde hair covered it, but she appeared to be sleeping soundly. Carefully, I put a hand on each cheek and spread it.

And there it was: I was actually looking at my sister's asshole. Mh ring around it sitser a little darker than her skin color and the little pucker itself was a soft pink. My dick was now as hard as it had ever. I stared at it for a little while and it took me a surprising amount of time to realize that her pussy was also right. I stared at that for a while, but my gaze kept going back to her asshole. Without really thinking, I took my right hand off her cheek and, using my middle finger, gently touched it.

I just my sister fingered my ass of circled it for a little bit and then dipped it inside, just a couple of millimeters. It was warm and soft.

Brother Waking up his little Sister by Fingering her Ass -

I had to fight my urge to put my whole finger in it. I just played with it until I noticed single night stand seeking Rockford female her pussy was starting to look moist.

After checking to see if she was still asleep, I started touching her pussy, not really fingering it, but just trying to get my finger wet. After a minute, I thought my sister fingered my ass was wet enough, and I returned it to her asshole. My finger went in easily, and I put it in up to my second knuckle.

My sister fingered my ass twirled around and then started fucking her ass. I can't say how long I did it -- the pot still had my in somewhat of a haze -- but I know I almost came in my pants. What finally stopped me was Melissa groaning. Fuck, I thought, yanking my finger out of her ass.

My sister fingered my ass

What the hell do I do now? After gliding it across her pussy to get some more moisture, I plunged it back in to her ass. She moaned loudly and writhed against my sister fingered my ass finger. Soon she was bucking and I knew she had come.

I had. When she had caught her breath, she looked at me and smiled. It's just not the same when you do it .