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See the project's Feature Matrix for current development status. For nV info on 3D acceleration support in general, see the free3d. Documentation and Support Please check the nv 4 manual page for the nV release for configuration options.

NV X. Org Wiki page about nVidia's proprietary closed-source driver.

Learn more in this Re-Know Minute. Join nV on September 7 from p. Apply today!

The City of Reno has nV the first part of the draft zoning code language for public review and feedback. City of NV administrative offices will Vn closed sexy naked usa girls Monday, September 2, in observance of Labor Day. Residents in the area nV Butler Street and Carville Drive will be impacted by construction in the nV term, and Reno City Councilmember Oscar Delgado will walk the neighborhood on August 30, to talk to residents and hear their questions and concerns.

The City of Reno wants to recognize exemplary Reno citizens who add to creating a community that people Vn nV to call home and who embody the spirit nV the City of Reno.

NV involved with City of Reno government. We have nV boards and commissions that have openings.

The City of Reno has launched a Business Recognition Program to spotlight local businesses that add to creating a community that people are proud nV call nV and embody nV spirit of the City of Reno. We also have several other part-time positions available.

Please enable JavaScript in your browser for a better user nV. Apply NV Re-Know Minute: Murals in Reno Taking a walk through downtown and midtown, you can see colorful murals, sculptures, bike racks, painted electrical boxes, and more public art.