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Spiritual role model

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I find men today to be so stupid. You'll want to send me a meaningful message.

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Who is your spiritual role model?

Who do you look up to or strive to emulate? I can point to several biblical characters I admire.

I attempt to follow their positive characteristics. I can also list some nonbiblical individuals from history who I highly regard.

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I can even name godly contemporary people who I know from afar. But I do not have a spiritual role model who exists in my life today.

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Though spiritual role model resided in my past, none are present. Yes, I have friends who I respect and who, I assume, respect me. Yet they are not role models for me any more than I am for.

My Spiritual Role Model May Surprise You - MTL Magazine

Though we may encourage one another, we do not inspire imitation. This has troubled me for some time. I feel a vacuum in my soul. The void is spiritual role model. I friends of narcissists largely as an island. Possibly my expectations are too great. Maybe past disappointments have tarnished the rle of even the most laudable of options.

I might just be too picky, too critical. Perhaps I fear a possible let down when a human failing of my role model surfaces.

Being a Spiritual Role Model - The Church Collective

It has happened. Though agonizing, my lament over the lack of a spiritual role model spiritual role model also a selfish pursuit: I seek something to take with no thought about giving to.

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Until now I have never wondered if I am a spiritual role model. This, though, looms as a goal too lofty to reach, an impossible target to hit.

By Dr. Pramila Srivastava "I think the best role models for women are people who are fruitfully and confidently themselves, who bring light into. I do not have a spiritual role model who exists in my life today. I feel a vacuum in my soul. Yet instead of complaining I should live worthy of. The Catholic Faith is not something we can practice on our own – it's important to have spiritual role models that help to support us, guide us.

Do you have a spiritual role model? Are you one to others? Click To Tweet.

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Yes, instead of complaining I have no spiritual role models, I might be better off to live worthy of emulation. If I did—or when I do—perhaps the desire for a spiritual role model will not be as deep.

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January 17, Peter DeHaan mentorspiritual role model Free Bible Reading Tip Sheet! Bogged down reading the Bible?

Spiritual role model I Am Wanting Sex Date

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