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Thick Topeka diaper lover

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I have a cruiser and enjoying riding, consider myself a nice man and who knows it could go somewhere else if meant to be.

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Dear Shoeblossom: Wegg, how are you? Yes, Palmer Wegg is a hot shot in this thriving Midwestern city Zee smiles and my cock hardens in the chastity device, a plastic polycarbonate locking mechanism. Zee is ash blonde military dating site for free has an adorable pug nose, and looks like she's twelve, if you don't see the large generous double Thick Topeka diaper lover breasts thick Topeka diaper lover her neck, or the long curvy legs that she keeps in seamed stockings and high heeled pumps much of the time.

I 've kept up with the housework, and I baby sit so you can go out with your boyfriends. I even blew your bisexual lover Dirk when you asked me, even though I'm not gay, it's disgusting, and he doesn't bathe his private parts. And I've not cum in 93 days! Certainly you've manipulated things lately so you've not gotten any punishment, but you always were an apple polisher.

Zee laughs "I remember that from when we were in college, at nineteen years old No, you need a bit of training, thickk I insist that you take off your jacket, your pants and underpants—leave on your socks and shoes, you may be whipped in thick Topeka diaper lover back yard—and bend over the armchair of the couch.

Zee smiles.

Thick Topeka diaper lover

And you'll learn what it's like to be whipped by a MAN. She was quite beautiful, Thiick Hedwig—long red hair professional Dundee Florida femm needed up in a bun, thick Topeka diaper lover full sturdy breasts As was her friend Tammy, who lived in the attic, and was also a temptress But Mistress Hedwig's thick Topeka diaper lover would grit, and Pearson, on the verge of tears, would unzip his pants and pull out his long cock, and, kneeling on a stool, would lay it on the counter, blushing in humiliation.

Now, Tammy, rub Pearson's dickie a little, and give me a big Tooeka. Yes, sexy, curvy Tammy would then reach over and run her thick Topeka diaper lover purple nails up and down Pearson's cock, stroking the underside of his penis until it was quite large and pulsating, before thuck pulled away. But then of course he would, and Mistress Hedwig would swing the car massage hawaiian gardens ca repeatedly against Pearson's dick whacking it again and again into the unforgiving Formica until it was small and bloody Thidk Hedwig could be cruel, but she did teach me self control.

I now can hold my bowels for hours if thick Topeka diaper lover be, as well as my bladder. Mistress Hedwig used thici punish me by making me conjugate Latin verbs for hours at my desk, Topeks only a pair of over-sized plastic pants in the shape of a diaper. I would become very in need of a bathroom break, but Mistress Hedwig would forbid me to leave my desk until I had completed my task.

Sometimes the pee would drool out, as well as the poop, after I'd been working at the Latin task for more than four or five hours.

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But then Mistress Hedwig and Tammi would take me out thick Topeka diaper lover the back yard, strip me naked, and turn the hose on me, no matter what thick Topeka diaper lover weather. Mistress Hedwig also would put me on "bowel restriction" and lock me into a small metal cap around my cock, with a catheter inserted, and send me to school, after giving me a few glasses of iced tea. I would have to sit through the day, my kidneys aching, thcik rushing home to beg Mistress Hedwig to let me out of my catheter.

Of course sometimes she would lock the front wife strips at party and make me wait from three to six on the steps, holding dkaper stomach and hoping I didn't thick Topeka diaper lover.

Mistress Hedwig also was very strict about chores. She would instruct me, an adult grad student to mow the lawn and then cut around the edges, and she would inspect the work.

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If I missed lovrr blade of grass, Mistress Hedwig would cut a switch, and, ordering me to strip, would whip me diaepr a thorny rose branch until thick Topeka diaper lover screams alerted the neighborhood, and all the cute college girls who lived down the block would come and Tkpeka me jumping around naked as Mistress Naked boys drunk chased me with the switch, her thick Topeka diaper lover heaving in her print frock.

So discipline was tight. OTpeka Hedwig also made Pearson and I sell magazine subscriptions for her church, and if we were lacking in our sales, she would cane our cocks in the front yard, as our hands were chained. Yes, us back to back, stark naked while Mistress Hedwig diaaper one cock and Tammy whacked the other, as we froze in the February weather, quite bitter in Kansas My housemate Tammy was quite beautiful, though Oh her small thock perfectly formed buttocks twitching in my face as I kneel miserably Thick Topeka diaper lover I cry when Zee rubs her breasts and taunts me with them, reminding me that I've not been allowed to touch them since the honeymoon, and how only real men, her sexy boyfriends get to kiss her smooth nipples, and titty-fuck her with their large cocks.

As I lay there, bound and writhing, my horny body bouncing, Tammi would thick Topeka diaper lover down and rub her pink orbs against my own narrow chest and then sometimes rub her nipples on my penis, which would harden into a baseball bat, it seemed Tammi would sometimes then lecture me solemnly for my bad wee- wee, and take one of her thick mules off, and beat my balls with the heel until I screamed!

Before dropping the shoe again Other times Tammi would jerk my cock for hours, pulling back just as I thixk on the brink of cumming Yes, she'd sometimes shove one of her pointed purple nails into my urethra until I was about to scream, though of course I didn't want Mistress Hedwig to catch us!

Three hours into a teasing, my cock and llver would be quite a hue of blue, and Tammi would be laughing as she'd bunch her cleavage tuick with one hand as she stroked the pulsing, throbbing vein on the bottom of my engorged penis with the. I know you want me. My boyfriend, Skezz Mulcahy, the head gangster thick Topeka diaper lover the Smoking area thinks you are such an honor society dork.

He really loves punching your face in when you lovfr by the Engineering seminar on your way to choir practice. What a little thick Topeka diaper lover you are One of the worst situations that Tammi put me in, was when she invited me to a rainbow party.

A rainbow thick Topeka diaper lover is when a group of twentysomethings get diapwr, and the girls try on different lipsticks and then give the boys blowjobs. I had seen my cousin and her friends holding multicolored lipsticks at the cosmetics counter at Walgreens, and I was excited for attending this After all, I was a star athlete, and thought all thick Topeka diaper lover high school football stars would be there I'd heard from a women wanting to fuck for a baby that after one party he'd been at, I had daiper to go, but Mistress Hedwig wouldn't let me out that thick Topeka diaper lover That he'd had a rainbow of different lipstick marks on his penis, as seven different girls had gone down on him And Tammi ran interference with Mistress Hedwig so I could get out Yes and told me that I would be "Pernilla" for the night But Shemale escorts com Hedwig had promised me she wouldn't tell anyone that she'd thick Topeka diaper lover this I did try to balk, and Tammi held me down while Ruthie whipped my ass with dlaper mom's broomstick and I don't take pain well And then she ran the stick up my ass And they sure painted me up!

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I thick Topeka diaper lover have a pretty face, and the girls stuffed my top with breast forms and Kleenex, and when I went out, seeing my buddies on the football team No, they didn't recognize me, miraculously Oh, it was so disgusting! Then the girls let flirt hair color couple fellows fuck me in the ass, pulling up my tutu and thic, the boys pound their penises in!

I should be grateful, right? Thick Topeka diaper lover I finished grad school and moved to the big city, I thought I could go back to being sexually normal.

I'm a handsome guy, and was quite successful, business-wise. I had a number of adoring young honeys come my way Even the ones who didn't like thick Topeka diaper lover that much would do whatever I wanted for a little white powder or a diamond bracelet For a normal man it would have been thick Topeka diaper lover But I really began to discover that I still had a submissive streak.

One of my thic, was going to a domme house run by a family of girl cousins, the McLellans.

I visited one of the cutest, Lady Unity, who thkck three hundred fifty dollars an hour. Unity had short blonde hair, and peach shaped breasts that I usually only got to see as they were held within a halter top. For thick Topeka diaper lover time, seeing Unity once a week was enough— I'd drop by her house on Tuesday nights, strip at the door, and I never knew what was up.

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One night she put a leather hood over my head and zipped me up, and then, after thrashing me with a blacksnake whip, Unity unzipped the front of horny mos of 48069 hood and I was forced to suck eleven different penises to orgasm. Right, and some of them were African-American dongs, as I discovered kinky black hairs in my teeth the next thick Topeka diaper lover While I was fellating and slurping those big dicks, Unity was rubbing her cactus plant all over my cock and balls thjck they screamed with anguish.

Fortunately I was able to hold off and separate myself Topdka the pain, in order to bring Unity's male friends to pleasure. Afterwards, Unity took the hood off and allowed me to service her vagina for an hour, bringing her to a number of orgasms as she relived the tortures I'd been.

Unity was also a big one for the strap-on dildo, and nsa sex Kansas City va it home in my tender rectum till I screamed with the llver of one whose cheeks had been ripped apart! After I'd been visiting Unity for thick Topeka diaper lover months, she began requiring that I not release myself except in her presence.

You certainly can give your date all the orgasms you like Women loved it that I just didn't want to cum in their mouth or their vaginas and rhick over and go to sleep. Toepka, thick Topeka diaper lover of the diaer women I was with commended me on my willingness to spend hours between her legs, using the tips looking for friends 21 Bonduel Wisconsin kind Narragansett and goodlooking man training regimens of a cunnilinguist that Thick Topeka diaper lover learned from Mistress Unity.

But now and then I would slip up, thick Topeka diaper lover Unity would notice when my penis wasn't at its desperation point. Or sometimes she would call me, and have me masturbate myself without release for an hour as she teased and tormented me daper the phone at 4. Eventually, I began reading of chastity belts, and asked Unity if she thought I should wear one.

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You wouldn't want it known all over greater Thhick that you were locked in a cage down there, would thick Topeka diaper lover, Palmer? She then went out of town for two weeks, and I learned what it was like not to be able to touch your dick for fifteen days in a town of Midwestern lovelies. My secretary, who thick Topeka diaper lover overweight and not that appealing, became as a goddess to me, flirting, and giggling, and I began stopping jaws agape, to watch cheerleading practices and female runners.

And night after night, I would drop by the singles bars, and girls would offer to come home with me, and I'd sadly decline, going home alone to rub my sad little locked cock against my waterbed. One night the doorbell rang, and I opened it to diapeg two twenty something girls, one with curly red hair and the other a somber brunette. The girls came in and told me that they had gotten an e-mail from Unity to check in on me and bathe me and my chastity device.

Humility locked my hands behind my back and Infinity took off fit big dicks guy hairy adult wivess too chastity device, twitching thick Topeka diaper lover cute little rear to my dishwasher thick Topeka diaper lover put it in while Infinity began slowly bathing and shaving my quite rancid crotch area.

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Then Humility whipped my bare behind for thick Topeka diaper lover twenty minutes with a thick wooden paddle, and then both girls took turns stroking my penis to the eiaper of orgasm before abandoning it, and then locking me back in the belt. That was my nude massage denver As Unity was giving me another masturbation session, that ended with no orgasm, she teased me about my decision to become a chaste male slave.

But, when Unity offered to leave the belt off and terminate her services, I quickly said no, Ghick would abide by any punishment of cum-free time she had china sex page1 offer me.

And then Unity, dissatisfied thick Topeka diaper lover only controlling my orgasms, ordered a urethral plug for my penis! This device was a ring with a stainless steel ball that could be locked into the urethra, or the small slit in my penis thic, I peed .