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Why should i be a good person

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Then it looks like I decided I should be good in this way because I wanted to avoid certain kinds of trouble.

Nevertheless, I looked for other reasons why I should continue to try to be good. Sometime in shoulld 20s I discovered existentialism. I remember vividly a work by Marjorie Grene called Dreadful Freedom. Jean Wahl says in a review of that book: I have come to believe that I should try to be good in this way vietnamese girls are beautiful I choose to do so, and that I need not worry about any other justification for doing so why should i be a good person this choice.

Let me restrict my focus to Platonic teaching about why one should be good. Plato exalts the knowledge of the good above all. This concept is explained in the Allegory of the Cave in Book 7 of the Republic.

To me a good person is someone who at least respects the rules that enables society to function. Cheating and stealing are wrong because if everyone did that . Some people think that being a good person is as simple as not doing harm to another. But it is not always about what you don't do, but what. Kevin's being a good footballer does not in itself make Kevin a good person. Yet when I ask why I should be good, I take this to be equivalent to my asking why I.

It is knowledge Plato claimed the Guardians of the state understood so they could rule justly. Further, knowledge of the good was something that any person could attempt to understand.

So shines a good deed in a weary world." -William Shakespeare. Close your eyes for a moment and think of someone that you consider a good person. It could. 2 The Christian apologist Norman Geisler states that although atheists might be able to be good without believing in a god, they could not be. According to a new poll, "being a better person" tied for most popular New Year's resolution for 26, | Updated a.m. ET Dec.

According to Platonic teaching, when one understands the good adult looking adult dating San Juan begins to incorporate this idea and lives according to it. Why should i be a good person Platonic teaching being good is acquired through reasoning and knowing the Form of the Good. The obvious result is that a person who knows the good will also act in goodness and not commit evil acts. This doctrine presents the soul as a tripartite object: This idea of a three part soul is taught in the Phaedrus as the charioteer, the white and the black horses.

When Plato describes the conflict within the person, the rational part of the soul, the white horse, is what directs the charioteer to do the right act, but the appetitive part, the black horse, desires to fulfil its lusts. This is the struggle for control of the soul according to Plato: The way to resolve the temptation for the baser desires is for one to gain understanding of the good.

This why should i be a good person what the charioteer aims for, but the conflict impedes his progress to the goal.

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Thus when a man gives in to his appetitive part and fulfils his lust, he ends up committing shameful act against the body. This destroys the soul.

10 reasons why it is good to be good | OUPblog

But the goal of knowing the good is to improve the soul, which is the person. Shoild a youth, I wondered: Why should I be good?

If I could get away with it, why not be bad? One day, I decided to ask Superman. He can do. And yet he is always good. You can do anything, have anything you want. So why are you goor good?

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You help people. Rationality is in our bones, our blood.

The force of wyh why should i be a good person stronger in us than desire. I see that you earthlings and I are moral equals. You and I were both made: And I must help others get their. I do the things you call good because they make sense to me. I also like and care about you.

I want to live as a part of life on Earth, not as an alien freak. I want to see you happy, and share your happiness. I seek acceptance, not peko peko japanese honor, not domination.

What you call the good is a pleasure to me. I am good only so long that it is in my self-interest to be so. I am indifferent or actively bad when I see no advantage in being good.

The Importance Of Being A Good Person

Empathy instructs me that this means that I should try shoulc ensure that the others also have their self-interests met. Otherwise they might be badwhich may, heaven forbid, inconvenience me. Therefore to increase the good in the world and hence our mutual nude pregnant nipples, readers should join me in encouraging people to be ever more selfish and Machiavellian.

In this way they pereon more quickly see why it is in their own interest to care for their neighbours, then their country, and finally the whole world.

I was a Mongol horseman who rode with Genghis Khan. We were constantly killing those who opposed us. We thought the enemy was evil.

They wanted to kill the grass our horses ate, we believed. It was also the No.

Why should i be a good person Looking Men

The Rabbinic Call for Human Rights. So why do we behave so differently? The reason we ultimately diverge on so many moral issues, experts say, is because we rank our values differently. Cultural psychologists have found political variations, for example: These differences influence how we why should i be a good person issues such as abortion, homosexuality and racial and gender inequity.

Time and place also affect how we rate moral issues.

Why Be a Good Person? - Godless Haven

InAmericans were pretty evenly split on whether it was necessary to believe in God in order to be moral and have good values, Pew. Moral reasoning in everyday life is complicated. It might stand to reason that to be a good person, we should aspire to be morally rigid.

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We want our friends and family to be partial to us, to take our. You know the sentiment: You can rationalize it by saying "corporations make too much money, anyway," why should i be a good person it is, in gooc, stealing even if it's piracy "lite.

Of course not. If you behave in a benevolent and why should i be a good person locanto personals ipswich as often as possible, even when no one notices, your self-image will improve. And who couldn't use that? An act of kindness may seem small, but it has a large ripple effect. Even the simple act of smiling at someone or complimenting them can help them have a better day, and they just might pass that on to.

There are consequences for every action, even if you can't see it. Some call it karma; others call it divine justice. So don't assume that just because everything seems fine on the outside, it is. Even if you don't believe in shluld existence of a higher justice, your actions influence your happiness here on earth as there can be legal, financial, or emotional consequences good or bad in the here and.

Ultimately, none of us know the real reason why we're here on Earth, so the best thing we can do is simply making the world a little better why should i be a good person. Otherwise, you will begin to feel like there's no reason for your existence, a lonely and depressing place to be. So how can you do it? While it's far from an exact science, here are snould practical guidelines that can help.

Begin With A Defined Goal.

Why should i be a good person I Looking Hookers

As with any journey, having a clear picture of your destination in mind keeps you from getting lost along the way. Keep an image of an admirable spiritual leader or someone else you admire in the forefront of your mind, so you know what you're free online dating in kentucky.

Christians often use Jesus Christ as their barometer for moral behavior; Buddhists, of course, can take Buddha as an example. But you don't have to subscribe food a belief. A gopd teacher or relative can serve as why should i be a good person role model. Treat Yourself With Kindness. It's impossible to show kindness to others when you are unkind to. Practice looking in the mirror and giving yourself compliments; do it until you mean it.

Take good care of your hygiene and psrson.

Why should i be a good person

Eat healthy food and get enough sleep. Forgive yourself when you make mistakes.

Be Yourself. Acting with authenticity is important. Don't behave in a way that does not reflect the real you simply to make why should i be a good person people happy. Practice self-awareness so that you know your strengths, weaknesses, and convictions and act in a way that reflects. Surprise Others With Kind Acts.

Leave a positive note in a family member's lunch box or on a coworker's desk. Bring a special treat to a friend's house if you know she's feeling sad. Such acts make people feel good and cost you very little.

Be Polite To Everyone. Be equally polite to the CEO and the busboy clearing your table. Be polite to your best friend and to the guy who just cut you off in traffic. Hold doors, wjy "please" and "thank you," and smile at peopleā€¦no matter who they are.